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About the Centre
Daycare Philosophy
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Promotion of Diversity

About the Centre

Franklin Children’s Centre provides a healthy and supportive environment with a philosophy of child-centered care at the core.
Led by certified childcare professionals who are compassionate and caring in their approach, the Centre is designed to stimulate social, emotional, physical and intellectual development in each child. Centre has been up and running since 2000.

Daycare Philosophy

Our program philosophy is child centered care. Franklin’s Children’s Centre (hereafter called “The Centre”) will provide the children with a stimulating and supportive environment. This environment is designed to motivate the child to develop and widen their individual mental and physical capabilities. This is done through a number of initiatives including:
  • Operating under a family-style childcare philosophy where mixed-age groups promote learning and provide a nurturing, stable environment. We have an “Open Door” policy at the Centre, meaning parents are always welcome to spend time at the Centre with their children or the staff.
  • Providing opportunities for each child to build self-esteem through the development of language skills and reasoning abilities.
  • Providing each child with the opportunity to share in group activities and learn about groups and the benefits of co-operating with peers and the staff at the Centre (hereafter referred to as “the Staff” or “Staff”).



For infants (ages 12-19 months) and toddlers (ages 20 months to 3 years), our Staff patiently redirect their attention to help guide them toward controlling their own impulses and behavior.


Caring for preschool-aged children (ages 3-6 years) requires that Staff have an in-depth understanding of the different development levels of the children in this age group. Staff facilitate the development of self control in children by using positive guidance techniques, children are provided many opportunities to develop social skills, such as cooperating, helping and talking with the person involved to solve interpersonal problems. Staff facilitate the development of these positive social skills at all times.

Support and Role of Staff

Franklin Children’s Centre promotes a family centered practice with collaboration between all partners; families, staff and support services.
  • We respect and value input from parents and encourage them to be part of the decision making process for their child.
  • We support families by consulting with early intervention professionals.
  • We work with parents and professionals who have valuable knowledge and expertise to share with us and each other.
  • Our staff shall have access to resources and receive professional development in current areas of child development, research, theory and practice.

Role of Staff:

  • To protect and value all children in the child care setting
  • To foster empathy and provide accurate information about differences
  • To enable children to think critically about and challenge bias

Promoting Acceptance of Diversity in the Program

  • Racial and cultural diversity is visible in our materials; dramatic play, books, pictures, and music.
  • Materials are accessible to the children showing diversity in a positive ways.
  • Props are accessible to children representing various cultures for use in dramatic play.
  • Inclusion of diversity will be part of our daily routines and play activities.